The Media Is Unfair Whines John McCain!

Senator John McCain is upset at the American media for their “bias” against him and their support for Barack Obama. He allowed his frustration to emerge over what he terms an unfair coverage of the Obama trip to the Middle East by launching a video on the Internet entitled, “Obama Love.” The video lincludes quotes from television anchors and journalists which he regards as evidence they are favoring Obama and slighting his campaign. The Arizona senator was upset The New York Times rejected a column he submitted for their Op-Ed page, and McCain is very angry that only one journalist covered his talk in New Hampshire while dozens had flown to the Middle East to follow the Obama journey.

Perhaps, Senator McCain has forgotten the world coverage of his walk through Baghdad when he boasted there was nothing to fear in the city. Of course, dozens of armed troops protected him and helicopters hovered overhead. Senator McCain constantly has attacked Senator Obama for failing to go to the Middle East and when he goes, McCain insists the Illinois senator is merely seeking headlines.

John McCain appears to ignore the kid glove treatment he has received from the media for years. For example, they ignored the senator’s votes against efforts to extend veteran rights, they have ignored his flip flop on first condemning Bush tax cuts and then supporting them. Senator McCain’s worse nightmare is good press coverage.

  • alex

    wat a mofo

  • CES

    What a mofo? What a moronic response!

    Take a quick look at the wording in the headline:

    “The Media Is Unfair Whines John McCain!”

    WHINES John McCain? That very wording PROVES McCain’s point.