The Military Is Just Another Government Institution

The Tea Party and most Republicans denounce “big government,” but for some reason warmly embrace the government’s most expensive facet– the United States military. About one-fourth of our budget is related to our military forces, but for some strange reason, Republicans never denounce wasteful spending when it comes to generals and admirals. Perhaps, the Tea Party can explain its silence toward a government body which has more fighter planes than all the airforces of the world combined. Perhaps, the navy can explain why it has more aircraft carriers than all the nations of the world combined. I served for two years in the US military during the Korean War and thanks to having my orders for combat lost I wound up working at the US 7th Army Headquarters in Germany. Anyone who has served at an Army headquarters understands incompetence, waste and ignorance which were common among those who led our troops. Of course, there were many outstanding officers because any large bureaucracy has competent as well as fools in its ranks. Our modern tragedy is that none of those around President Obama have the faintest understanding of how the military is the most wasteful government body. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, former leader of US/British forces in Europe, understood how military leaders always want “more” and promise victory is just around the corner if only they get “more.” That is why Ike cut the military budget.

This nation has two choices– end involvement in wars or institute a draft so that all Americans bear responsibility for fighting. We can readily cut our military by 25% and compel its leaders to create a fighting force for the 21st century, not one prepared to fight another WWII.