The Mind Of A Taliban Killer

My name is Omar and I have been on the side of the Prophet, Mohammed, during the past twenty years as we struggle to create a society in which our faith is the foundation of every aspect of life. You ask how I, a good Muslim, can justify killing hundreds of civilians including women and children. Yes, I have killed, yes, I have killed children, but I an also working to kill the American spirit so they will depart from my land and return to their own dens of inequity. The other day, Muktar, at the hospital, gazed into my eyes and shouted anger because he was holding the body of a bloody dead child and wanted to know, “why?” Each dead civilian, each dead child weakens the desire of those who wish to compromise and cooperate with the infidels from the west. We must crush their spirit and make them fear the power of the Taliban.

I often cry at night as pictures in my mind recall the bloody body of the child or her mother and I know she has a short life on this planet, but she will spend eternity in Heaven. Unless, there is death there cannot be life for the Taliban. I did not create this situation, it is the fault of Westerners who entered out land and killed thousands of innocent people. The only way to force them to leave is through death and destruction.