The Mitt That Was!

Mitt Romney is an exceptional individual, or should I say, he is several exceptional people. One day he is for gun control, the next against it. One day he is for abortion rights, then he is against. One  day for health care, then lightening hits and he is against it. Last night the nation was again treated to an example of Romnesia in action. A few weeks ago the Mitt was demanding to place a red line in the sand and challenge Iran to cross it –or else?

Last night the war hawk became the dove of peace. I wonder how anyone can debate a person who takes both sides and then charges the other individual to clarify his position. Anyway, Mitt is for a stronger armed force but is not quite clear why we need more ships, he is for Israel, he is for Muslims, he is sort of for Egypt and he is definitely for peace.

I challenge anyone to take a shot at this guy.