The Mystery Of Leaks And The Pentagon

We Americans have lived through a decade of lies and distortion on the part of our government and military leaders. Does anyone still recall assurances there were WMD in Iraq? Wikileaks aroused the anger of the American government, particularly those in charge of the military who charged releasing memos and reports concerning conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq would somehow help terrorism. Suddenly, a warrant was issued in Sweden charging Julian Assange, head of Wikileaks with being “suspected” of engaging in some sort of rape of a woman. Within forty eight hours after issuing the warrant, Swedish officials withdrew the document and made clear he is “not suspected” of any connection with a rape case. For some strange reason, kuty prosecutor Maria Hajebo Kyellstrand said she “did not regret the decision” to issue the warrant. She claimed to initially have received a police report that connected Assange with a rape charge and then received a report which did not link him with any such action.

Mr. Assange has every right to raise the issue as to whether the US Pentagon was somehow involved in this rather strange series of events. He is quoted as saying he did not know who initiated this process, but the Pentagon can not be left out of the speculation. Since the US Congress sees no problem summoning baseball players to discuss their drug use, how about an investigation of the Pentagon and the politics of rape claims?