The Nation With No Government

One upon a time, a long time ago, there were three wise men known by the names of George, Dick and Don who decided they would go to a land far, far away and bring their knowledge and wisdom to the ignorant people of that country. They send soldiers into the land, they killed, they destroyed, but, in the end the land was at peace. Well, sort of, because soon people in that land decided to kill the soldiers and there was violence alll over the country until a nice general named, Petraeus came and made everything quiet and peaceful. Well, sort of. Because soon after his great success, some nasty people in the land began to kill and blow things up.

Finally, when things were sort of quiet the people held an election, that was 208 days ago. A man named Allawi and his party received 91 seats in Parliament. A man named Maliki and his party received seats in Parliament. Well, George, and Dick and Don can now be happy. They have helped the people of that far land of Iraq go for 208 days without a government after having an election. That is a world record. George did set at least one wworld record.