The Obama Dilemma In Yemen

Several months ago, four Americans were killed in Libya which then proceeded to unleash months and months of non-stop Republican attacks on then Secetary of State Hillary Clinton for the heinous crime of being responsible for the deaths. It is not a surprise the Obama administration has closed down all US embassies and sent personnel home because there is a possibility of an al-Qaeda attack on the embassy in Yemen. I never realized that during World War II, that President Roosevelt was responsible for deaths of American soldiers in combat.I recall durin the 1980s when then President Ronald Reagan sent Marines to Lebanon that 250 were killed by trrorists. I do not recall any Republican demands for hearings or blame cast at the Seretary of State or president.

Bring the folks home. Close down the embassies. Republican Senaors will now have dozens of folks to appear at their commmittees.I assume these people will be charged with deserting their posts rather than confronting terrorists. I am certain Senator Cruz will demand they should have stood their ground and had gun in hand. Perhaps, if all members of the diplomatic corps joined the NRa and received gun training they would never leave but stand their ground!!

It is not surprising that President Obama has ordered embassies to be closed and personnel to be sent home. After four diplomats were killed in Libya it resulted in months of constant demands from Republicans for answers as to why then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not on the scene with her gun in hand to protect her staff. Afer all, she had a right to stand her ground with gun ready to fire and defend her people. So, we now have Republican inspired hysteria. Of course, during the 1980s, then REPUBLICAN President Ronald Reagan dispatched US Marines to Lebanon and 250 were killed by suicide bombers. I do not recall a single REPUBLICAN demanding hearings or charging any Republican president with failure to protect the American military.

Lock down the embassies. Bring diplomats home. They will now have time to chat with Republicans and explain why they left their posts and refused to stand their ground with gun in hand. Now, if they joined the NRA, they would have the training to stand their ground!!