The Obama Factor–No Leadership

When historians write the story of Barack Obama’s initial two years as president the key issue they will explore is why did this man who was eloquent in running for president suddenly become the distant man who displayed scant interest in issues confronting the American people. Several biographers claim on the night of his election as president aides advised him to study the Franklin Roosevelt approach to dealing with the Depression, but he made clear this was the Obama presidency, and it had nothing to learn from FDR or anyone else. In other words, from day zero of his entry into the presidency arrogance dominated this man’s thinking. Examine the following:

1. At no time did he explain in clear terms issues like the health care bill. This enabled Republicans to confuse the American people. Obama now claims it was the fault of people, not him, Theodore Roosevelt argued a president had to use the Bully Pulpit of his office and educate Americans.
2. The number of press conferences he held could be counted on fingers of one hand. He ignored the opportunity to weekly dominate the news.
3. Obama ignored those who worked their butts off for his election. A year later he suddenly appeared and wanted their cooperation.
4. Obama made no effort to focus on jobs.
5. The president relied on Wall Street types like Larry Summers and Tim Geithner.

It is time for Barack Obama to bring into the White House men and women who are interested in jobs, jobs, jobs.