The Path To Death Is Sad

The mind of a true believer is impossible to grasp since even the individual who is convinced she alone knows the true path to glory and knowledge is unable to be an objective analyzer of the mind. Raniya Ibrahim came from a family in which both her father and brother had blown themselves up in the belief that killing innocent people somehow was the path to Heaven and was proof one was a true Muslim. It is easy to cast aspersions on such people, but, Raniya acted from the conviction that by being a suicide bombers she fulfilled her life’s work.

She desperately wanted to be the third person in her family who was a suicide bomber in Iraq. At the time this fifteen year old girl was arrested on August 24, 2008, she was wearing a vest packed with 20 kilograms of explosives and ready to blow herself up in a marketplace filled with innocent fellow Iraqis. Her husband whom she married at age 14 is a suspected al-Qaeda agent who was responsible for the death of dozens of people.

Her husband planned her death as he had killed other innocent people. Raniya is a tragic figure, but al-Qaeda members who kill fellow Muslims including innocent men, women and children represent what every religion contains — a minority who believe in death rather than life.