The Persecution Of Silvio Berlusconi

I am not now nor have I ever been an employee of Silvio Berlusconi, but I do believe this man of God and peace is being persecuted by unknown forces who seek to prevent the world from knowing the real man and his love of humanity. Of course, for Silvio, “humanity” more frequently means women than men. Here is a man who endeavored to provide women with access to money and clothes and good contacts only to be castigated as some sort of sexual freak. Two newspapers printed excerpts from testimony of a businessman who said he had brought prostitutes to parties hosted by the prime minister.

Does not a prostitute bleed? Does not a prostitute need food and clothing like other humans? What is so wrong with bringing prostitutes to parties, lavishing gifts upon them and encouraging interaction with some nice men? As Silvio put it so well, “I think Italians recognize themselves in me. I am one of them. I was poor. I am interested in the things that interest them. I love football. I smile. I love others and above else, beautiful women.”

Silvio, say it like it is. You have a right to love beautiful women, to give them gifts and no one can say it is wrong. Heck, there are priests out there propositioning little boys, you have never made out with a little girl. We should be praising you for advancing the status of women.