The Pirates Of Somalia –Who Are They?

There most probably has always been piracy off the coast of Africa but it is quite apparent the emergence of Somlian pirates has added a new element to one of the world’s oldest crimes– seizing ships on high seas. The non-existent nation of Somalia has created such turmoil and confusion as well as high rates of unemployment that discovering young men seek to become pirates is no surprise. After all, young men and women in America seek to become Wall Street pirates which may not be that far from Somali men entering piracy and justifying it on grounds that international vessels are intruding on their fishing grounds and dumping toxic waste. Most probably, even without such justification the allure of easy money is as enticing to them as it is to young Americans on Wall Street.

Ironically, the solution to piracy on high seas lies in assisting Somalia to become an actual state with a vibrant economy and a stable government. If the Somalia government could control its own territory there would not be pirates. Perhaps it is time for the American government to cease worrying about Islamic governments in control of Somalia and focus on a government being in control.
Some experts are seeking connections between al-Qaeda and the pirates but these young men are simply modern entrepreneurs and they are making millions. Piracy on high seas invariably is connected to lack of opportunity on land. Few nations in the world match the poverty and madness of life in Somalia so it is no surprise enterprising young men venture out in their speed boats in search of wealthy rewards.