The Polanski Story-Abused Or Abuser?

There is the world of Hollywood and literary figures who wander the world hailed by many as outstanding figures on display. Roman Polanski has long bee a man of distinction due to his films and the literary heavyweights who regard him as a genius. However, many years ago, Mr. Polanski was in Hollywood and one day he drugged a 13 year old girl and then sodomized her. In fear of being convicted, Polanski fled for his life to the security of Europe and hoped his past was in the past.

Out of the blue while Polanski was in Zurich to receive a film award, the police swooped down and arrested him based on a warrant issued by the US Justice Department. French Foreign Minister denounced the arrest as “sinister” as though there was some plot in America to get the man who, most probably, is unknown to 90% of the population. The Swiss Association of Directors said arresting Polanski was a “grotesque judicial farce and a monstrous cultural scandal.”

But, leave it to Irina Bokova, new head of UNESCO for uttering the coup de grace to this event: She blathered, “even though I am not aware of any details, this is shocking.” What does she say when she knows details?