The Politics Of Terrorism– No Remorse For Deaths

Three Islamic militants who carried out the terror bombing in Bali in 2002 have made clear their pride in the destruction caused by their action. They told the media the October 12, 2002 attacks on the resort island were meant to punish the United States and its allies and they expressed joy at having killed so many foreign tourists, especially Australians. “I don’t have and never will have regrets,” said Samudra and his words were greeted with approval by the other men who will shortly be executed for their terror attack. Australian Brian Deegan, whose son died in the bombing, said the men have not shown any sign of remorse. They killed the innocent but have transformed the deed into an act of heroism and bravery.

Executions in Indonesia are ordinarily carried out by a firing squad. The only good news about the men who belonged to the Jemaah Islamiyah is their organization has been crushed as a result of fierce campaign to end terrorism in the region.