The Politics Of War In America

When it comes to military appropriations in the United States Congress there are no liberals or conservatives or Republicans or Democrats, there are simply congressmen out to ensure money flows into their district. Of course, during the past eight years the man in the White House never met a spending bill that he would not increase when it dealt with military equipment and billions for the fat cats of business who water at the mouth when a new jet or ship or tank is under consideration. Congress is angry because the president terminated production on some jet planes and other items that were dear to the hearts of Congressmen who want to deliver the pork to their district.

Oh well, Congress added another $2.5 billion to purchase unwanted C-17 transport planes. It is not strange that during the past half century the only president who severely cut military spending was Dwight Eisenhower, the great military leader during WWII who knew military pork when he saw it.