The Price Of True Belief In Sri Lanka– Death!

The civil war that has raged in Sri Lanka over the past thirty years has been brutal and virtually nonstop. But, the war apparently is drawing to a close as government forces drive the Liberation Tigers of Tamil (LTTE) into a narrow slice of territory in the northeast part of the island. Unfortunately, along with the thousands of die-hard Tamil rebels over forty thousand refugees are stuck and unable to leave the area. The United Nations appealed to the government of Sri Lanka to work for a solution which would allow evacuation, but the people of Sri Lanka simply want an end to fighting and if more civilians die, that is just too bad. A UN representative warned if the Sri Lanka army enters the enclave, the Tamil Tigers will not allow anyone to leave and will fight to the last man which will ensure a bloodbath.

The latest reports indicate over 400 Tamil Tigers have died in recent weeks and in most cases they fought on until death rather than surrender. In the end, true believe in a cause justifies one’s death and that of innocent people.

  • Couldhospital

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