The Prime Minister Who Couldn’t Write Straight

The office of being prime minister of the United Kingdom means one is compelled to deal with deaths of fighting men and women in distant places like Afghanistan. Jacqui Janes, whose son Jamie was killed by an explosion in Afghanistan opened her mail to discover a hand-written letter of condolence from the prime minister of the country. According to Ms. Janes, “he couldn’t even be bothered to get the family name right. This made me angry. Then I saw he has scribbled out a mistake in Jamie’s name. The very least I w would express from Gordon brown is to get his name right. The letter was scrawled so quickly could hardly even read it and some of the words were half-finished. It’s just disrespectful.”

Gordon Brown is a very busy man. OK, he is not the world’s best writer, but he did send a letter. OK, so maybe it had the wrong name, but it did finally get to the right address. Imagine asking politicians to get every minor detail correct! Wow, this woman is a bit prissy.

After all, Ms. Janes, the prime minister did know the name of the country in which your son died. Isn’t that worth something?