The Putin Story Continues

Western nations sent their best athletes to Sochi and they performed wonderfully and thus provided President Putin an opportunity to come across as a man of vision. OK, so it cost $50 billion, which is equivalent to what was spent on the past five winter Olympics, but it did enable his gang of crooked businessmen to come away with a few billion in profits. No one is surprised that once Sochi ended Vladimir Putin swung into action and sent troops into the Crimea to protect “his compatriots.” The Crimea parliament has voted, unanimously, to secede from the Ukraine and join their beloved Russian Motherland. Oh, there will be a referendum to confirm what was done. Most probably, at least 40% of the population has no desire to become Russian. Muslims understand what being a Russian citizen entails for those of their faith.

The United States and the European Union are swinging into action by extending credits to the Ukraine government and placing bans on travel by Russian officials as well as seizing their assets in the United States. The EU is slightly slower in moving in this direction, but shortly will go along with travel bans and economic sanctions.

PROBLEM: Russia controls gas and oil that is needed in Europe.

SOLUTION: The United States should immediately become the provider of oil and gas to Europe and switch their dependance on Russian sources of energy. Act swiftly and with intent to end Russian domination of energy sources!