The Quiet Terrorist Arrested

She was of a girl of slight build who entered the post office in Yemen. She quietly placed two packages on the counter and inquired as to the cost of sending them to her relatives in Chicago who happen to work for Jewish synagogues. In the modern world, no one thought it unusual for a Muslim girl in Yemen to be sending packages to synagogues in Chicago, but what the heck, maybe she was reading out to Jews in a drive for peace. It did not take long for Yemen police to connect the woman and her mother to the plot, either to blow up an airplane or to blow up a synagogue. Reports are that she is a 22 year old woman who attends San’a University and has no known connections to Islamic fundamentalism or to al-Qaeda. Of course, this is simply another example of why compiling lists of terrorists makes scant sense. If al-Qaeda is going to blow up something, it will be done by a person who is NOT on terror lists! Why advertise a crime? But, we will continue to check underwear and shoes because someone once tried to light his shoe.

The story is symbolic. A quiet girl, a girl without connections to terrorism tried to blow up something. The issue always remains assisting Muslim nations to develop interesting and healthy societies which offer outlets to young men and women that allow them to develop their nation. Reasonable precautions are always needed, but, more often than not it will be the quiet one who commits the act of terror.

I am still confused by Republican claims that President Obama is really a secret Muslim agent from Africa. Why the heck does he try to catch fellow terrorists?