The Real Face Of Hamas!

During Israel’s over reaction to Hamas rockets, the world expoloded in anger at what was most probably a policy of violence against both the guilty and innocent. Although, university students and those opposing Israel are ready to march at a moment’s notice, they apparently have no interest in the brutality and murders of Hamas against those who oppose its policies. Last year, Dalal Al-Shoubaki had to bury her husband, Hamza, who was tortured and killed by Hamas because he supported the government of President Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah. Hamas continues to physically asssault and kill its opponents, and we are not discussing Israelis.

Hamdi Shaqqura, of the Gaza Palestinian Center For Human Rights, says bluntly: “In 20007, the death total of Palestinians killed by Fatah or Hamas exceded for the first time the number of Palestinians killed in clashes with Israel occupation forces. The Israelis killed 394 and Hamas and Fatah killed nearly 500.

This blog awaits people pouring into the streets displaying banners denouncing Hamas for its brutal killing of Palestinians. We fear it will be a long wait and one that will never occur. It is much more pleasant denouncing Israelis and Jews than saying anything concerning Arab brutality. To do so, would make it difficult to portray the entire problem as being caused by Israel.

We stand for the Palestinian people, for the people of Israel and believe only peace between those people is the solution.