The Rescue Operation That Failed

Unlike the movies and television where the good guys win and the bad guys get blown to pieces, in the real world of al-Qaeda and militants, the good all too often wind up dead. Al-Qaida militants who have  ventured into Nigeria to join forces with the local Muslim militant organization, Boko Haram, kidnapped an Italian and an Englishman and were holding them hostage for some unclear reason. A joint British and Nigerian military operation to rescue the two hostages failed and now both are dead.

A contingent of British Special Boat Services and Royal Marines cooperated with Nigerian forces in surrounding a house in the Nigerian city of  Sokoto which contained the militants. After confusing interactions between the al-Qaeda group and special forces, the hostages were killed. Critics undoubtedly will blame the English and Nigerian forces for the deaths of these two men. They were killed by al-Qaeda, not by anyone else.

Reality is that operations are not always successful,  but they must be attempted or militants will not stop.