The Right To Privacy

The United States of America was created by people who believed it was time to establish a nation which allowed each individual to be free from the domination of churches and royalty and government. The Bill of Rights emphasized that for the first time in human history rights were guaranteed each individual. This initial belief was predicated upon a society in which individuals knew there was a sphere of their life that belonged to them, and not to government or employers or a church. Obviously, this principle did not exist for large portions of the population such as slaves and women and Indians. But, inherent in this principle was a belief that eventually all would be guaranteed the right of privacy.

The Obama Administration in its endeavor to “protect” people is simply the latest   administration which fosters the belief that NO aspect of our lives belongs to ourself. There is no area of privacy in modern America because those who govern have decided the individual does not establish a personal arena for privacy, but that right belongs to government. We have come a long way from the early days of this nation and the principles that drove our Founding Fathers.