The Rise Of Sharia

It was in march, 2003 that President Bush demanded war with Iraq in order to prevent Weapons of Mass Destruction to reign down on America and destroy our nation. He also promised that with victory, the democratic rights of people in Iraq would be restored. Under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein women had equal rights and were free to enter any occupation and decide their own lives. Along came the Americans with democracy and peace. Yes, Saddam was an evil, a cruel, a sadistic ruler, but at least the women of Iraq had the semblance of equality at a level not found in Saudi Arabia, one of America’s allies in the fight for democracy.

America “won” the war in Iraq. It enabled the Shiites to gain power. During the past year thousands have died as a result of terrorism–the terrorism that General Petraeous ended. A new law approved by the Shiite Cabinet would allow girls from age 8 to marry. Women would be forbidden to leave home without permission of husband, and they would be compelled to have sex if hubby demanded. Oh, hubby could have more than one wife.

I assume the women of Iraq are happy America came to free them from sexual freedom.