The Road Home In Afghanistan

A reporter for the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, recently returned from border areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan where he spoke with Taliban soldiers who easily crossed back and forth between the two countries. Rafiullah, age 25, feels perfectly safe when he crosses over into rest and recreation areas for Taliban soldiers. He commented that the Pakistan soldiers “are quite nice” and he is safe from US drone attacks. According to the reporter, “every couple of weeks he travels to Afghanistan to visit friends and relatives and meet up with fellow fighters.” He commented to the German, “Now many people are travelling to Afghanistan because they hope that Western troops will soon pull out of our country and a new future will start.’ Everyone knows that Osama bin Laden is resting safe and secure in the area thanks to cooperation from Pakistan troops. A source made clear Osama is not living in a cafe but is safe and secure in a nice house, whose address is known to Pakistan secret intelligence, the ISI.

When asked what or who are the Taliban, Rafiullah responded: “The Taliban are students, people seeking insights. In that sense, I am one.” He insisted that few of his comrades even used the expression, “Taliban.” The reporter accompanied Rafiullah to the border where he calmly waited in the lane next to NATO trucks headed for Afghanistan. There is something weird about NATO trucks and soldiers headed for Afghanistan loaded with supplies and alongside them ride Taliban soldiers headed to meet those supplies in battle. To him, the very concept of a “border” is simply a Western invention and it has scant acceptance by people in the area.