The Rodriguez Factor

Bud Selig is expected within the next few days to announce suspensions from baseball of a host of players including Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. For some strange reason they gave this then thirty year old player a ten year pact worth over two hundred million dollars. In other words, they expected him to be a top player worth $20 million a year when the age of 40. Within a few years other such player pacts were given to Alex Puljos, Carl Crawford and other men who soon displayed the reality of how age makes the body get ill. The Yankees are waiting expectantly for Alex to be banned–hopefully for life so they do not have to pay him the remaining $87 million.

The list of ordinary players earning astronomical sums goes on and on. Of course, to pay for these ridiculous salaries, the price of seats has to be raised. In other words, businessmen foul up and the consumer pays for there mistakes. I await action from Congress and the president to rescue the Yankees and Los Angeles Angels for their mistaken contracts. After all, baseball is too big to go under!