The Shame Of Great Britain-No Room Here!

The British government is prepared to initiate action that will result in the forced deportation of thousands of Zimbabwean refugees who have fled the oppressive regime of Robert Mugabe in search of freedom and security. Leltters have been sent by the Home Office which bluntly inform people they are no longer welcome to reside in Great Britain. “Your claim for asylum hs been refused…I am not writing to make sure you know that the Border & Immigration Agency is expecting shortly to be able to enforce returns to Zimbabwe. The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal has now found that there is no general risk on return for failed asylum-seekrs. You have exhausted your rights of appeal and have no other basis of stay in the UK. You should now make plans to return home.”

The letters represent a complete reversal of what Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been saying about Mugabe whom he considers to be a dictator an heads an oppressive regime. Brown has refused to attend conferences which invite Mugabe and proclaimed to the world: “The message should go out to anyone facing persecution anywhere from Burma to Zimbabwe: human rights are universal and no injustice can last for ever.”

It appears the message of human rights being sent by the British prime minister is not being received by members of his own government. On one hand, Brown is declaring to the world there is an absence of human rights in Zimbabwe, and, on the other hand, his own agencies are telling people there is nothing to fear back home in Zimbabwe. Which is the real message?