The Shoe That Gave George Bush A Boo Hoo!

It was just a soft shoe thrown at a target that ducked and damaged no one except the ego of a world leader. A statue of the shoe thrown at President George Bush by journalist Muntazar al-Zaidi has been unveiled in Baghdad as an expression of support by some fellow Iraqis. It is a fiberglass-and-copper work of art that will honor a man for whom many Iraqis believe is a national hero. There is a poem written on the shoe, but this author prefers offering his own poem to commemorate the occasion of the shoe thrown.

Zaidi shot a missive into the air
It fell to earth in
Baghdad square
It was the shoe thrown
that has made its author
a man renown.

President Bush felt no pain
Although his war is regarded with disdain
So, hail the gallant hero
And bestow on Zaidi great fame.