The Silence Of The British Foreign Office

The so called “war on terrorism” has produced a great deal of sound and fury concerning allegations, but the sounds of silence are more deafening when it comes to what has happened to individuals who were arrested and tortured. The British Foreign Office has admitted it failed to investigate or pursue complaints by British citizens about the torture they were subjected to while in the custody of foreign interrogators. The list could go on and on as men who were tortured in Pakistan or Egypt found their pleas for help from their native country go unheeded. Azhar Khan was arrested in 2004 and then released but where the war on “terrorism” is concerned if you are arrested that in itself is proof of your guilt. Last year the young man was flown to Cairo where he was brutalized but his government simply ignored what transpired.

The main problem with the “war on terrorism” is the lack of any clear guidelines as to how to separate the innocent from the guilty. Perhaps, it goes further than that because if the only way to secure information is through means of torture one is left with unanswered questions as to whether or not statements made under torture can withstand the glare of truth.

England historically was the bastion of protection for those seeking democracy. Modern day England is complicit in torture and brutality.