The Sky Ain’t Falling In US

Mitt Romney insists that his greatest sorrow in losing the presidential election is that if only he was president the American economy would be booming and there would be jobs for all. His wife claims she cries every night because the black dude is in the White House instead of her beloved husband whose presence would have ensured prosperity to the American people. Of course, if Mitt’s ideas were in place, the US would be following the austerity ideas of UK Prime Minister David Cameron. The British economy is NOT generating jobs. The American economy this year will generate at least 2,500,000 new jobs. Housing is booming. The stock market has reached new record highs. Yes, elect Barack Obama, yes, do not follow Romney ideas of austerity and things are doing much better.

Has the recession ended? No, it has not. Republicans block every effort to spend money on our infrastructure which would create thousands of jobs. Sorry, Mitt, the sky did not fall, and things are getting a bit better each month.