The Sky Is Falling!!

It is difficult to believe but the United States of America survived a great world war, fighting in Korea and Vietnam, and all these events were conducted without the US government having access to phone records or the names of books checked out at the library. General Keith Alexander, head of the NSA assured members of Congress that unless the government is able to read phone records and check on conversations the nation known to the world as the United States of America will collapse in ruin. Talk about protecting the privacy of individual Americans was denounced as “hastily dismantling our intelligence community’s counterterroism tools.”

Rep. John Amash wants to add a statement that bans collecting phone records. Perhaps, the “intelligence community” could explain that after being given a trillion dollars they missed out on the collapse of the Soviet Union, the 9/11 attack, the Arab Spring, the war in Yugoslavia, the changes in Communist China,………. and so on and so on….

The nation will survive without checking phone records.