The Slaughter Of Albinos In East Africa Grows Worse

Hate has a home in the minds of many east Africans who believe those born in Africa who have white skins possess special powers and if one can obtain part of their bodies, then wealth and health will be guaranteed. The war against albinos is accelerating in areas like Tanzania where over 35 have been murdered this year at the urgings of witch doctors who want to cut off parts of their bodies to use in their so-called magic potions. In some areas of
Africa, albino children go to school protected by bodyguards. The Tanzanian Albino Society has helped hundreds of albinos to find safety on the island of Ukerewe which lies in Lake Victoria. In the last week, two more albinos were murdered including an eleven year old girl who was hacked to pieces with machetes and her body parts taken away.

The estimate is there are about 200,000 albinos in the world and they are found in every society. For some reason, the largest number come from East Africa. Few albino children are aware their skins lack protection against the sun and many die early in life. Although the Tanzanian government has spoken out against witch doctors, none has yet been convicted.

We humans have a propensity for uncovering new fellow humans to hate. Such is the human condition.