The Solitary Man

The prisoner is in a cell that is six feet wide and 12 feet long and is forbidden contact with other prisoners. A typical day for the prisoner begins at 5:00 a.m when he is awoken. The prisoner is not allowed to sleep anytime during the time period 5:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m. If he tries to sleep on the bed, guards enter and make him sit up. The prisoner is allowed one hour of exercise each day, but not in fresh air. He can walk around his tiny cell. Any attempt to do physical activities such as push-ups is forbidden. He is not allowed to talk or associate with any other prisoner, and guards are under orders not to engage in any extended conversation with this vicious criminal. The prisoner is allowed to watch three hours daily of local TV, and he can read one book and one magazine at a time, but only those on the approved list of the prison. Visitors are only allowed at certain times.

What is the crime of this prisoner whose treatment is much more controlled than anyone awaiting death in an American prison? The name of the prisoner is Bradley Manning. He is guilty of the heinous crime of turning over emails to Julian Asssange. Yes, someone murders a child and can do push-ups, but this prisoner did something worse. He allowed the world to read what American diplomats were saying and doing. Now, as for those who rape, …………

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