The Sorrow Of Being An Afghan Woman

During the notorious regime of the Taliban when they ruled Afghanistan with an iron fist women were the most oppressed of all in the  land. They were confined to their homes, deprived of any occupation-not a single teacher was female in the entire land. They could not see a doctor, they could not be a nurse, they could not work in a business, they could not even leave the house without permission of husband or father and they could not even go for a walk. They inhabited a medieval world of restrictions and punishment if a single hair was out of place on their head. Today,  of the 200,000 teachers about 80,000 are women, and females serve in Parliament and run a business.

What happens when American troops leave? Will the Taliban regain control of areas of Afghanistan? Will they reimpose their world of male control? Yes, US forces will depart, but women can not depart along with them. They are trapped in a land which does not recognize their humanity. Another consequences of President Bush’s failure to aid Afghans to create a modern society.