The Standard?

William Kristol and Frederick Kagan in an article appearing in the June 6th issue of the Weekly Standard comment on Congress giving in on war funding: “Now the president can turn his undivided attention to fighting the enemies who are attacking our soldiers.” They note with horror that “foreign fighters are flowing into Iraq to kill Iraqis and Americans.” Our victory, according to these pundits, “will be an important victory in the larger struggle against terrorism – and our defeat there would embolden and empower our enemies.”

But the heroes of the Iraq war are worried about “the ghost of Donald Rumsfeld lives in some quarters of the Bush administration,” since Gates has hinted at pulling the plug and getting out. They also decry “the State Department with fantasy diplomatic solutions based on overtures toward Iran and Syria.” After all, the brave boys of the right wing know who the real enemies are – Iran and Syria. And they are so happy that Bush got the right idea back in January about a surge. However, the president has to be aware that “mixed messages from Bush’s advisers and cabinet undermine the efforts of our commanders in the field.”

Lets look at the record my brave boys of war. First, there were NO FOREIGN TERRORISTS IN IRAQ UNTIL BUSH’S POLICIES BROUGHT THEM THERE. Duh, Saddam Hussein was a DICTATOR who DID NOT PUT UP WITH ANY OPPONENTS. Second, as I recall, the Weekly Standard boasted of the genius of Donald
Rumsfeld a few years back. Thirdly, if George Bush is this hot shot leader, how come he appoints whimps like Gates who want to get out of Iraq? What kind of great leader sends “mixed messages” to his generals in the field? I assure you Franklin Roosevelt made it loud and clear what he wanted from his generals, as did Harry Truman who got rid of one who would not obey orders. Fourthly, General Petraeus is already talking about reducing our forces in Iraq by the fall. On one hand, the Weekly Standard wants more troops and boasts about the genius of Bush who appoints generals who are discussing reducing the size of our troops!

Last, but not least, the Weekly Standard simply ignores it has no criteria to guide the meaning of “victory in Iraq.” Yes, we send in thousands of additional soldiers, and insurgents quiet down. But I assure one and all at the Standard, the minute we reduce the number of our troops those same insurgents will again surface. Like it or not, Weekly Standard, the war in Iraq is not winnable by American forces. Only diplomacy and cooperation from those hated enemies – Iran and Syria – will get us out of the mess

By the way, since Kristol and Kagan are such advocates of war and deride Democrats like Kerry who actually fought in a war, did either of you gentlemen volunteer to fight in Vietnam? Mr. Kristol, you were eighteen in 1970, why didn’t you grab a rifle and plunge into the jungles of Vietnam to fight the evil empire of communism? Do either of you know the old song about how old men send young boys off to die? Go listen to it. It’s all about you and other cowardly Republicans like Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz, etc.. who never got around to serving their nation but sure as heck want our brave young men and women to die in a misguided struggle that has no victory.
Information from The Weekly Standard