The State: C’est Moi!

There are times when Rupert Murdoch get confused and thinks he is not only a media magnate but ruler of the United Kingdom and  the United States of America. For some strange reason people in government positions actually believe that he must obey laws that ordinary folk have to follow. He recently told newspaper folk at at his possessions that, although publicly apologizing for violations of the law by his reporters, he really did not believe for one moment that “his people” were bound by laws of the land. He said that payment by his reporters to police for tips “was next to nothing.” He went on to say the inquiry into this practice “was the biggest inquiry over next to nothing. We’re talking about payment for news tips for cops that’s been going on  a hundred years.”

It is this attitude that Murdoch believes is the right  of all wealthy people in the  land. In his view, if you have money, the laws do not apply. Laws are for the losers in society. God Bless King Murdoch!