The Story Of A Taliban Fighter

Mullah Janan, a black bushy-bearded farmer, told members of the Canadian press why he is fighting for the Taliban and why he enjoys killing members of coalition forces. He explained that Taliban views on religion were similar to his own, but he also felt more secure living in a Taliban world which offered security in his everyday life. He grew up in Kandahar province and was a farmer until one day, NATO planes bombed his village. “I lost my wife and children” as a result of the bombing raid. “Even before this operation, I supported the Taiban. But, this was the key point that made me a more committed Talib and made me declare war against these people(coalition forces).”

This is undoubtedly a simple story of a bombing raid that went slightly off target, but, in so doing, transformed people into fervent enemies of coalition forces. Mr. Janan does not regard the current government of President Karzai as one which can provide safety and law and order so he has moved towards the Taliban for a world in which his family will not be killed.

Bombing attacks on the Taliban are undoubtedly necessary, but coalition forces must also accept the corollary that for every mistaken bombing attack, new members of the Taliban are being created.