The Strange World Of Rob Ford

Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto, Canada, and he has become a world leader whose words and antics are closely followed by the NSA, the ÇIA, the Royal Mounted Police, M16 and any and all secret police in Russia or China or wherever. Rob is a man for all seasons, particularly the season of drinking and smoking crack. Recently, a security guard reported on how Rob handled St. Patrick’s day in 2012. Let us be clear. Rob Ford is an Irishman. St. Patrick’s day for a few hundred years has required that an Irish man must get drunk, and the mayor sure was drunk on that day. He saw a security guard taking notes of his behavior. “You can’t do that to me, man. What, you think I wouldn’t find out? I am going to get him, mark my words.”

According to the security guard Rob was boasting that he was headed for a meeting with an important world leader–Justin Bieber. Rob did meet this world leader who inquired if his buddy had any crack cocaine. After all, what else happens at a meeting of important world leaders than some St. Remy French Brandy and some crack?

I do admire Rob Ford as a man of action. However, anyone who would actually like to spend time with Justin Bieber just does not register on the intelligent part of my brain!