The Tangled Mess Of Sudan And Darfur

The tangled mess of Darfur and Sudan continues with factions battling one another and themselves. UN – African Union, efforts to bring together various factions continue running into one obstacle after another as thousands die. The joint AU-UN team is trying to get people talking rather than fighting. The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the Sudan Liberation Army(SLA) are not only opposing one another but within their own ranks several factions have broken away to create independent power groups. JEM Chief Ahmed Tugod Lissan said if they want us to come to peace negotiations, they have to remove the other rebel factions. He also accused the UN and AU of siding with the Sudan government. Meanwhile, the SLA head Abdallah Yehya said he needed time to get things straightened out among the various factions within his own group before there could be meaningful dialogue.

Some factions also object to having Libya be the site of meetings since they don’t trust its leader, Gadaffi. “Libya is not a neutral place,” said SLA commander Jar-el-Neby. But, another rebel leader, SLA chairperson and founder Abdel Wahad Mohamed el-Nur, who is supported by many people in Darfur, said he would not attend any meetings until UN forces are deployed in Darfur. It is quite clear confusion is the only constant in the morass of Sudan and Darfur. As these factions and interest groups argue and refuse to talk, thousands of people continue dying in Darfur. In a sense, the dying are the ones who should be at the negotiating table, but they will not be heard anymore than peace is present in the quagmire of Darfur.

  • UN Failure

    I am really disappointed with the UN it has really let the world down on this issue. I wonder whether the Au is equippied to handle this problem. yet the UN does nothing because it can do nothing. Perhaps it is ineffective at what it set out to do.