The Third Man In France

France, like most European nations and like the United States is experiencing a world in which those with wealth become wealthier while the middle class shrinks and the number who are poor increases. Conservative President Sarkozy is a French version of Mitt Romney who preaches the doctrine that lower taxes and never saying nasty things will encourage those with wealth to create more jobs.  The French presidential race is becoming confused due to the candidacy of Jean-Luc Melenchon who is now the voice of anti-capitalism

He blames “Anglo Saxon” ideas of competition as the source of all economic evil in the world. “Les Anglo Saxons”and their “stinking money” are the source of unemployment in France. “We can put our belief in love and humanity above the religion of competition.” Jean-Luc wants France to leave the European Union, end free trade agreements, give more to the middle class and so on.

I believe in Socialism. I also recognize there is no contradiction between believing in socialism and also supporting competition. Competition is not the problem, it is uncontrolled competition which creates problems. France must stimulate competition which leads to a ripple effect of more jobs and higher pay for the poor and middle classes.