The Tragedy Of Syria

Senator John McCain and some members of the Republican party and some members of the Democratic party insist the US must intervene in Syria. Any decent human wants to aid those fighting in Syria for their freedom. Unfortunately, those who oppose Bashar al-Assad also oppose creation of a democratic society and freedom of religion. From the perspective of Syrian society and American national interests there is no single solution that would help establish democracy in this land. Perhaps, perhaps, President Obama two years ago might have established a “no fly” zone and got away with it. That moment has passed and we will never know if moving in that direction would have created a more stable opposition that could establish democracy in Syria.

The US will provide rebels with weapons and ammunition. They will continue to resist. Syrian troops will massacre the innocent and brutality will dominate both sides. We have the legacy of George Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq which simply has emotionally and intellectually exhausted the American people. They want “out” and no leader could survive if he got the nation “in.”

Such is the legacy of the past.