The Tragedy Of The Congo Goes On

The body count of dead Americans in Iraq has reached four thousand, tens of thousands of Iraqis and Afghan people have died, and George Bush insists America must stand tall in the fight to extend democracy. Of course, there is never a word from the United States of the European Union concerning events in the Congo where more people have died than in any conflict since the end of World War II. Current estimates are at least five million are dead, and thousands of women have been raped, and thousands of children forced to kill family members so they have no home except serving in some rebel army.

According to Johann Hari, the official story of what happened in the Congo was after the Rwanda massacre in which Hutus killed thousands of Tutsi and then lost, they fled to the Congo for safety. The real story is exploitation of Congo’s incredible riches by businessmen from Africa, Europe and elsewhere who use soldiers to get at gold, diamonds, coltan and other riches waiting to be taken by whoever has an army to seize it. The 17,000 man UN army is unable to halt the carnage which never stops and the rapes which destroy human life.

If George Bush really cared about democracy, he would have sent American troops into the Congo, not into Iraq.