I was downsized from a job in a university where I ran a blog and decided to apply for unemployment insurance. The last time I was in an unemployment status was the fall of 1953 when I received my GI Bill that gave me a year of unemployment. I soon discovered the madness of modern unemployment. It is virtually impossible for an unemployed person in the St. Louis area to go to an unemployment center and talk with someone. The process has been computerized which means those without computers must go to the unemployment center, not to speak to anyone, but to use the computer. By the way, there is ONE UNEMPLOYMENT CENTER FOR THE ST. LOUIS REGION!

I went to the center hoping I could speak to someone, but that is against the rules. I filled out my forms and two weeks later received a phone call. The person was confused about my status. I was not filing as an unemployed part time teacher but as someone who had an administrative position that was downsized. We spent a half hour trying to get her to understand. Finally, she said they would get back to me.
I never heard anything for two weeks, I went to the unemployment center where they showed me a phone and refused to allow me to speak with anyone. I called my state senator who referred me back to the phone.

I spent three hours on the phone before I was contacted by anyone. I explained that I had been told they would contact me as to whether I qualified for unemployment status. The person asked me why I had not filed weekly reports. I replied that I was told I would be contacted as to whether I qualified for unemployment. I then received a lecture about the importance of filing weekly reports.

I then tried to file a weekly report and was told my pin number was not valid. Back to the unemployment center where I was told to use the phone and they would not help me. I called on the phone which this time only took two hours to get someone. She berated me for not filing even though I explained I was trying to file but could not enter the system. She said I could now and hung up. I called and again received information that my pin number was invalid.

The unemployment situation in America is a hoax. Thousands of people such as me simply are trapped in a dysfunctional system. I was pleased that in a few states they are using unemployment money to hire people to staff unemployment centers. People need human interactions, not those of a computer. I assume those receiving billions are allowed to speak with humans. Why can’t the unemployed?