The Trial By Franz Kafka In Myanmar!

The trial begins on a dark night in the country of Myanmar. A woman was asleep in her bed when she heard a knocking at the door. She opened it and discovered a man in a bathing suit who was gasping for breath and stumbled in. She gave him shelter and thus committed among the most grievous crimes possible in the state of Myanmar according to the military junta which rules this country. She gave the man a drink of juice and offered him food. There is no question offering food and drink to a stranger in the state of Myanmar is equivalent to seeking to undermine the foundations of the state. After all, it everyone gave food and drink to strangers how would the police know who is loyal to the decree of not offering food and drink to anyone other than members of your family?

Aung San Suu Kyi, who major crime is believing there is such a thing as democracy in her nation, is on trial for committing a crime. Is the crime opening her door at night? Is the crime offering a stranger food and drink? Is the crime speaking to the stranger without asking permission of the government? In reality, her crime has nothing to do with the stranger, but with the love held for her by the people of Burma.

The state was prepared to have 23 testify against her, but since the military junta believes in fairness they will only call nine to testify. Exactly what the 23 know about the case is most probably the main mystery. A man swam across a lake, knocked on a door, the door opened and a woman offered him food and drink and a place to rest his head. Were there twenty three witnesses to these events? Ask the military junta and their response is a loud, “yes.”

Franz Kafka wrote about this trial many, many years ago. It must be admitted he never heard of the nation of Myanmar, but, his fictional trial occurs every day in this nation run by paranoids.