The Trial Of Sergeant Bales

The Bush administration sent thousands of young men and women to war, they were sent to hostile areas of the world where people adhered to strict religious principles and were not readily drawn to western ideas. Men like Sgt. Robert Bales were dispatched to Afghanistan without any preperation regarding cultural values and practices of its people. He was an American dumped into the volatile world of Afghanistan where people lacked faith in their government and viewed the world through a village lens. All too often, this meant ignoring Taliban attacks since to openly defy these men might result in death to their own families.

One night in March,2012, Sgt. Bales, awoke, armed self with an assault rifle, and left his base. He headed for a nearby village. He proceeded to murder people, went to another village, did more killing and then, with bloodied clothes returned to his base. By all accounts, Bales was normal,did not display signs of a man who had emotionally collapsed, which raises questions regarding his reasons for this murderous rampage. By all accounts he had a clear understanding about what he did.

Villagers wanted Bales turned over to them. He awaits trial in America. Is Bales on trial or is the United States of America on trial? Should George Bush be in this  courtroom standing next to Bales?