The Turban Wars Results In Victory For Turban

The ongoing conflict in Europe over what people can or can not wear on their head resulted in a victory for the turban. A Sikh policeman in Manchester, England, was ordered to remove his turban during training for handling riots and when he refused was subject to verbal abuse. In a meeting with a sergeant, PC Gurmeal Singh was told, “Can you talke that thing off.. this is what you signed up for.” Singh claimed the request led to panic attacks, stress and palpitations and he was sick over the issue during the long-running dispute. After a meeting with his sergeant, Singh went on sick leave the next day although reports indicate he had an excellent relation with his superior.

Singh was awarded about $18,000 for loss of earnings as well as physical and mental abuse. The original order was silly, and the resulting mess was even sillier. OK, the sergeant was wrong, but this is hardly the making of a tragic event in the life of Mr. Singh. How about common sense in dealing with such great issues of humankind?