The Ukraine Story

Lost in the confusion regarding Russian blunders in the Ukraine is how President Putin helped create a monster that he allegedly hated. Since day one of the disturbances in Kiev, the Russian media has offered a version of reality that is unreal. They have reported to the people of Russia that armed Neo-Nazis and fascists used violence to seize control of the government and drive from power poor misunderstood President Yanukovych, a man dedicated to the proposition of peace and security for all nations. In the Russian version, it is the Ukraine police who are bullied and tortured, not ordinary citizens. According to the Russian press, masked armed men–fascists, attacked the Ministry of Interior building in the Crimea which FORCED Russia to intervene in order to restore peace and security. That is the line being sold in Russia, and, from all reports it is being accepted.

The Ukraine is now confronting serious economic problems which might result in the rise to power of Nationalist groups anxious to engage in violence against Russia in order to provoke support by the European Union and the United States. Sounds like something that occurred 100 years ago in Europe when a Serbian nationalist killed the son of the Emperor of Austria Hungary and the resulting conflict over how to deal with a crisis led to World War I.

It is time to remain quiet and control anger. This time there are atomic bombs lying around, not trench warfare!!