The Ultimate Conspiracy!

Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian immigrant to the United States in June, 1968 was working in the kitchen of a hotel where Robert Kennedy was speaking. After the speech, Kennedy headed for his car and the route took him through the kitchen. TV cameras were covering his movements and they captured Sirhan take out a gun, point it at Kennedy and shoot him resulting in death. Sirhan was seized by bystanders and his first words were, “I did it for my country.” Does this come across as a clear case of murder? Not, if you believe in conspiracies.

Sirhan Sirhan is trying to get as parole and his lawyer will introduce the defense that his client never fired any weapon. Bill Pepper claims Sirhan was “put through a process involving hypnosis and chemicals. Someone, some group or some agency did this.” When asked by reporters if the group was part of the US government, he responded, “perhaps.”

Naturally, Pepper is arguing there was a second gunmen in the hotel. I assume this gunmen was hiding behind the grassy area on top of the hill. Or perhaps, he was hiding in a refrigerator from which the lethal shots were fired.

I nominate Bill Pepper for the Academy Award for best conspiracy of the year!