The Unknown War

Fighting rages in Libya and troops are killing people in Syria and Yemen, but there is also another war in the world. Far far away in theland that is now known as Myanmar(Burma in my childhood), a tyrannical government which makes Muammar Gaddafi come across as a peaceful saint, is murdering its own people as it attempts to wipe out tribal groups which have refused to accept the jurisdiction of the official government. Burma is the only nation in the world which continues to plant land mines. According to the International Committee to Ban Landmines(ICBL) about ten percent of the people of this tortured land live within a few steps from oblivion by stepping on these mines. The thugs who run Myanmar(as they term it) resort to mines in order to cut down on use of troops. ICBL figures indicate just last year at least 183 people were killed and over two thousand wounded by one of these blasts. The Junta justifies use of such weapons on grounds there ethnic, tribal opponents do not fight in the open but resort to guerrilla warfare.

A major problem is lack of medical assistance so stepping on a mine may result in not just loss of a limb, but death. There are few doctors to perform operations and there is even less medical supplies to handle such operations. The thugs rule, the people die, the ethnic and tribal wars go on, and suffer Burmese is the only result.