The War Goes On And On In Gaza

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) continued its advance into Gaza in a determination to make Hamas understand that rocket attacks had to end once and for all. There are an estimated 870 Palestinians who have died in the onslaught as Israel planes and artillery blasted away at Hamas forces. Israel Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni expressed the anger of her countrymen by letting Hamas know there will be no end to war until there is an end to Hamas as an effective fighting force. “Israel is a country that reacts vigorously when its citizens are fired upon. That is something Hamas now understands.” The Israel leader made clear there were three objectives for the IDF— destroy the military effectiveness of Hamas, end rocket attacks, and prevent rearming of its enemy.

Hamas leader, Ismail Radwan responded by pledging to continue the fight and said Israel must withdraw and allow Hamas to exert control over Gaza crossings. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner expressed the views of many by saying there must be European observers in order to ensure some semblance of law and peace in the area.