The War In Afghanistan Goes On And On

It is seven years since the United States armed forces drove the Taliban from power in Afghanistan and the Bush administration assured the world a new democratic society would be created in that country. In the past few days, battles raged in southern Afghanistan as coalition forces and the Taliban battled one another. US troops called in air strikes but still had to fight against Talban forces which were ready with weapons and rockets even after planes left the scene. The US claimed 36 militants were killed, but as the Army Times notes: “It is not possible to verify the military account of the fighting” and casualties due to the remote nature of the battle.

In a report issued by the Defense Department, it was emphasized, “the struggle between security forces and Islamic militants is intensifying across the southern half of Afghanistan, illustrating the limited success of the nearly seven year effort to stabilize the country.” The Pentagon went on to note, the Taliban “will maintain and even increase their scope and pace of its terrorist attacks and bombing in 2008.”

Seven years is a considerable time to be fighting a war and one must raise questions as to the planning and goals of such an objective whose results are getting worse rather than better. Will Afghanistan witness a “surge” of troops?