There is a war in process within Yemen that already has spilled over into Saudi Arabia and poses a great threat to peace in the area. A war within Yemen poses Shiites fighting against the Sunni Yemen government and its allies in Saudi Arabia. Rebels claim they are fighting against a government that has marginalized Shiites and has failed to develop the nation’s resources. Yemen’s army presently is engaged in extensive fighting with the rebels and there are reports al-Qaeda may soon become part of the mess that is Yemen. Across the Gulf of Aden lies Ethiopia and a short distance away in Somalia where there is also an intense civil war. Americans fail to realize the Yemen war can spill over into Saudi Arabia and some day witness bombers blowing themselves up as they damage oil facilities.

The mess now includes possible Iran influence by supplying rebels with arms, a fight between the Yemen government and rebels, a fight between rebels and Saudi Arabia, an attempt by rebels to destroy their nation’s tourist industry by kidnapping foreigners, and the list goes on and on.

Who knows, perhaps in 2015, American soldiers will be fighting in the hills of Yemen. A problem is no one will have the slightest idea why US forces are in Yemen anymore than anyone has any idea what the US presently seeks to accomplish in Afghanistan.

  • journeyer58

    Yet, the American people cannot get enough of the idiotic ideas spouted by the Republicrats and Demicans!
    The two parties are not that much different anymore, the elected pay homage to the ones who paid for their election to the Congress and White House.
    For all their talk about progressive change and the liberal ideals that were brought up during the
    campaigns, not one ideal of progressive and liberal change has been brought forth into the legislative process and if an idea showed any hint of progressive change, this idea would be attacked by the ‘blue dog’ democrats and the ever eager to shut out change Republicans.
    I am ashamed that the liberal voice in this culture has been shut out by the mega-corporations and the people they have purchased, Democrats and Republicans alike.
    Soon there will no longer be any loyal opposition, just a bunch of country club, golf playing idiots, who when asked why the country has gone to hell in a hand-basket, will answer, ‘because our employers, the corporations, would not let us vote for change!’

  • Fred Stopsky

    I agree with your analysis. America has “liberals,” it has “liberals serving in government” but once in power, the force of being in government takes precedence over their liberal beliefs.